Introducing Daniel Casinelli, general manager and managing partner at Leena’s Kitchen. Daniel moved away from Plymouth at the age of 10 and returned after getting his degree in business at Lasalle University in Philadelphia. He has worked in the food service industry most of his life and most recently as a food service consultant working closely with many restaurateurs in the Boston area. He and chef Kevin thought it would be more beneficial and rewarding to open their own place. They wanted to focus on creating the ultimate dining experience for their guests consisting of delicious food and impeccable service. The restaurant is named after Daniels late grandmother leena. She would always cook amazing meals for the whole family. Daniel’s favorite dish was hand-rolled gnocchis with her special sauce. Daniel fondly remembers always helping Nonna with the preparation. Whether it was helping feed the pasta through the pasta machine or in the garden picking only the freshest ingredients. However, when it came to the kitchen make no mistake, Nonna was the boss and Nonno was the assistant! In the near future, chef Kevin may replicate some of nonna’s specialties.



Introducing Lisa Marsh as Assistant General Manager and one of the managing partners of Leena’s Kitchen in Plymouth. Lisa grew up in Plymouth but moved to CT when she was 16. She lived in CT where she received her Math degree from Sacred Heart University beginning her career as a math teacher. After her second child, she decided to stay home to raise her children. When she recently moved back to Plymouth with her young family, an opportunity came up to be part of a new dining experience with her brother, Daniel, and his friend, Kevin. Lisa had worked in fine dining for many years and always found it exciting. Lisa has many fond memories of her Nonna, Leena, who the restaurant is named after. Lisa’s Nonna and Nonno grew up and married in a small town in Italy. They brought their boys over to America for a better life. Leena would make everything from scratch, having Lisa assist at times. Lisa’s love for Italian food began in her Nonna’s kitchen. The food was always incredible. Lisa’s favorites were her stuffed shells, meatballs and sauce. Come on in to Leena’s, say hello, and try out some of Chef’s Kevin’s Italian cuisine. Nonna, Leena, would be proud!